Deadline for Fulbright Denmarks legater

Deadline d. 14. februar 2023

Thanksgiving in Copenhagen

Last week, we held our annual Half-way Seminar & Thanksgiving Dinner for our…

Studentermedhjælper til Digital Kommunikation og SoMe

Vi søger en ny studentermedhjælper

Legater indenfor de kunstneriske områder

Er du studerende på en videregående uddannelse, som hører under……

An update from a former Fulbright Combined Arctic Semester grantee

Henry Henson just had his article published in Science Direct

Outreach events med Fulbright Denmark

Vi har været ude af huset for at fortælle om mulighederne for at studere i USA

Hjalte har læst Space Law i Texas

Han deler sin oplevelse som Fulbrighter i en video

I erindring om redningen af de danske jøder i 1943

Læs mere om Thanks to Scandinavia-legatet her

Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholars Meet in Canada

During the meeting, the scholars presented group projects and policy briefs.

Ansøg om et Fulbright Schuman-legat

Legatet udddeles til Europæiske borgere som skal studere eller forske i USA

Ansøgningsrunden for Fulbright Denmarks Legater er Åben

Søger du et legat til dit studie- eller forskningsophold i USA? Så læs mere her

Fulbright Denmark is getting ready to welcome U.S. Fulbrighters

The arrival orientation will take place on August 25 and 26th

Ansøgningsrunden for Fulbright-legater åbner snart

Vi forventer at uddele 5 million DKK til legatansøgere for AY 2023/2024

First in-person meeting for Fulbright Arctic Initiative III

The meeting took place in Iceland with a visit to Langjökull 'Long Glacier'

Velkommen til de nye danske Fulbrightere

I tirsdags afholdt vi det årlige pre-departure webinar for nye danske Fulbrightere

Crown Prince Frederik Fund’s legater uddelt for AY 2022/2023

Legatmodtagerne er Tine Nielsen Hertz og Kezia Wexøe-Mikkelsen

Wrap-up Event for American Fulbrighters in Denmark

We are excited to see what the future holds when their Fulbright stay concludes

In memory of Inger P. Davis

The Board has decided to develop a grant within her areas and in her name

Fulbright Denmark is Preparing to Welcome New U.S. Fulbrighters

We can't wait to meet them all in Denmark this summer

Nye legater er uddelt til postdoc-forskere

De vil blive offentliggjort snarest muligt

Gilman Seminar in Denmark is Almost Here

The seminar takes place in Copenhagen and Samsø from June 6 - June 12

Apply for a Fulbright grant to study in Denmark

Americans who wish to study in Denmark in AY 2023/2024 can now apply

Et Fulbright-legat er mere end en pose penge

Læs mere om hvad der følger med når du får et Fulbright-legat her

2022 Gilman Climate Leaders Seminar Series

Today marks the start of the seminar series hosted by Duke University

Fulbright Student at DTU Gets Paper Accepted for Publication

The paper will be published later this year.

Fulbright Grant Competition is Closed

We look forward to sending the best and brightest students to the U.S.

Martin Spent a Semester at Columbia University in New York City

Martin Aaskov Karlsen shares his experience being a Ph.D. Fulbrighter.

Fulbright Alumni invited back to Denmark

We interviewed Danielle Medina-Hernandez about her research findings.

Grant opportunity for Postdoc Scholars

Are you a Danish postdoc scholar wanting to further your academic career?

Life as a Master’s student at UC Santa Cruz

We interviewed Ellen Salamon about her experience as a Fulbrighter.

Do you want to study at an Ivy League University?

Apply for the Fulbright Joint Grant for Columbia University before March 2, 2022.

Additional Grant Opportunities to Celebrate Fulbright’s Anniversary

Fulbright Denmark is exceptionally offering an additional grant amount to selected…

Thanks To Scandinavia Grant for Danish students on master’s level

The competition for students to apply for the grant is open until March 2nd.

Emil is pursuing his PhD at the Chemistry Department at UC Santa Barbara

We talked to him about his studies and experience being a Fulbrighter in the US

Why you should study in Pittsburgh

Learn more about our Joint Grant for University of Pittsburgh.

Do you want to study in New York City?

Apply for the Fulbright Joint Grant for NYU's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

The Life of a Fulbright Specialist in Denmark

We interview Ms. Carol Jensen about her stay as a Specialist at CPH Business.

Apply for a joint grant to University of Chicago

Are you a master's student within the field of physical science?

Fulbright made it possible to pursue a dream

Read a travel report from Sanam who studied at Harvard Medical School.

Fulbright’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

Fulbright Denmark's Executive Director, Marie Mønsted, will attend the event.

Fulbright grant competition is open

The 2022/2023 Fulbright grant competition for Danish students and scholars is open.

Deadline for Fulbright Schuman Grant

The deadline for the EU-related Fulbright Schuman Grant is coming up. Read more…

Fulbright Denmark Anniversary Symposium

Read a recap of the anniversary symposium on November 4 here.

Program for Fulbright Denmark Anniversary Symposium

See the program for the anniversary symposium on November 4.

Dr. Sfraga final keynote speaker at Fulbright’s anniversary symposium

Dr. Michael Sfraga is the founding director of the Polar Institute.

Dr. Richardson third keynote speaker at Fulbright’s anniversary symposium

Dr.  Katherine Richardson is Professor in Biological Oceanography at Copenhagen…

HRH The Crown Prince to attend Symposium

HRH The Crown Prince will be present for the first section of the day.

Dr. Parikh second keynote speaker at Fulbright’s anniversary symposium

He is the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Porsdam keynote speaker at Fulbright’s anniversary symposium

She will be speaking on science diplomacy and the right to science.

A greeting from a Fulbright Alumnus

Mathilde Utzon graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2021.

Keynote speaker appointed USARC commissioner

Michael Sfraga, was just announced commissioner for USARC by President Biden.

Fulbright Denmark Anniversary Symposium

Fulbright Denmark is hosting a symposium to celebrate the 75th and 70th…

5 Reasons to Study in the US

We have asked some current Fulbrighters why they decided to study in the US.

Recent Outreach Activities at Fulbright Denmark

Last week Fulbright Denmark took part in three events - two online and one in…

CPFF Scholarship Deadline

The deadline to apply for the CPFF Scholarship is almost here.

Welcoming new American Fulbrighters to Denmark

Fulbright Denmark hosted a welcome orientation for the new American Fulbrighters.

A Fulbright Specialist to Denmark

Carol A. Jensen returns to Denmark as Fulbright Specialist.

A Renewed U.S. Commitment to International Education

The U.S. Department of State has published a joint statement of principles

The Stay made me a more well-rounded researcher

Rasmus Vestergaard visited Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of…

Webinar: Q&A about CPFF Scholarship

Join us for an online Q&A about the Crown Prince Frederik Fund (CPFF) scholarships

Studentermedhjælper til digital kommunikation søges

Fulbright Denmark søger studentermedhjælper til digital kommunikation

Crown Prince Frederik Fund Competition is Open

Apply now for scholarships to Harvard Kennedy School for AY 2022/2023

The Danish Fulbrighters 2021/2022

Meet the Danish Fulbrighters of AY 2021/2022

End of semester at Columbia Journalism School

Mathilde Utzon has spend the last two semesters at Columbia Journalism School

Hello and Goodbye

It was time to say goodbye to the American Fulbrighters

A Visit to Florida State University

Nicolaj Kofod visited Prof. Thomas Albrecht-Schönzart at FSU

Analyzing Plants at UC Davis

Emma sowed, analyzed and testet almost 1.000 plants at UC Davis

Arriving in the middle of a pandemic

American Fulbrighter Anna Weldy arrived in Denmark in January

Fulbright Arctic Initiative III Opening Meeting

The research program has commenced with a Danish guest speaker

42 Applications

We have received applications for our Fulbright Grants and Thanks to Scandinavia…

Being a Fulbrighter During a Pandemic

In early 2020 Alexander Lund Nielsen went to one of the best places doing medicinal…

Fulbright 75th Anniversary

In 2021, we celebrate the Fulbright Program’s history of positive impact on the…

4 Reasons to choose Fulbright

How is a Fulbright grant different from other grants and why should you choose to…

Two Danes Join Fulbright Arctic Initiative III

We are happy to announce the two Danish scholars to represent the Kingdom of…

Application deadline

The application deadline for a Fulbright Grant AY 2021/2022 is approaching.

Fulbright Alumni Receives Prestigious Scholarship

Nikolaj K. Mandsberg, Fulbrighter 2017/2018 recieves the prestigious Kirstine…

25 Years of Service

Marie Mønsted, Executive Director celebrates 25 years of service to Fulbright…

Being A Fulbrigther During the Presidential Election

Gustav Kjær Vad Nielsen experienced the presidential election first hand while…

Fulbright Competition is open

The competition for Danish students and scholars to apply for a Fulbright grant to…

Fulbright Schuman Competition is open

The Fulbright Schuman program awards 10-15 scholarships to European citizens for…

You will not regret it

Flemming Javier Olsen went to Boston to be a visiting research fellow at Harvard…

The Stay Enriched My Research

Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl travelled to Santa Cruz, California to be a Fulbright…

First US Fulbrighter Has Arrived

Our first American Fulbrighter in the academic year (AY) 2020-2021 has arrived in…

Fulbright opens doors to a great academic network

Caroline Espersen was a Fulbrighter at Harvard Medical School AY 2019/2020. She…

Crown Prince Frederik Fund Competition is Open

Apply now for scholarships to Harvard Kennedy School in academic year 21/22

Webinar: Q&A about CPFF Scholarship

Join us for an online Q&A about the Crown Prince Frederik Fund (CPFF) scholarships

Reaching new Conclusions

Sanne Wammen Larsen was part of Fulbright Arctive Initiative II.

Fulbrighters in search of a treatment for HIV

Fulbrighters Mariane Schleimann and Line Vibholm are working towards a treatment…

Fulbright Arctic Inititive III Webinar

Join a webinar about the program on Wednesday , August 19 at 6:00 pm.

Danish Fulbrighter Builds COVID-19 Patient Database

During my time in Boston, the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 began spreading across…

Crown Prince Frederik Fund’s legater uddelt

Legatmodtagerne er Huy Cuong Huynh og Thor Sommerstrand.

4.4 million DKK in Grants

Fulbright Denmark awards grants totaling DKK 4.4 million to Danish and American…

Fulbright Denmark and COVID-19

Please check here for the latest updates. Updated May 6 2020.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative III Update

New application deadline and program timeline.

Et Phd. projekt blev formet

Mads Agerbo Ejsings Phd. projekt blev formet på Brown University med et Fulbright…

Taking Research to Another Level

Announcing the Fulbright Arctive Initiative III: A cross disciplinary and…

Danish Fulbright Scholar Awarded

Danish Fulbright Scholars Dr. Jane Bolander was awarded an Outreach Lecturing Fund…

A Secure and Sustainable Arctic

Announcing the Fulbright Arctive Initiative III: A cross disciplinary and…

EU-NATO Seminar

U.S. Fulbrighter Alanna Schenk particpated in the EU-NATO Seminar along with 40…

Modifying DNA in the USA

In the fall of 2019, Kasper Munck Beck visited the University of California San…

A NASA Research Project

A Danish Fulbright student researcher worked on a research project with NASA about…

A Book from a Recipient

Former Fulbright recipient Anders Holm has published a book about N.F.S. Grundtvig.

H.C. Ørsted Gold Medal

H.C. Ørsted Gold Medal awarded to Thanks to Scandinavia (TTS) recipient.

Welcome Jodi Sandfort, US Fulbright Scholar

Sandfort will spend the semester at the University of Copenhagen's Department of…

En unik mulighed på MIT

Læs om Martin Henriksens unikke mulighed på det prestigefyldte MIT med et Fulbright…

Fulbright Arctic Initiative II

16 international scholars have been conducting multidisciplinary research focused…

Why study in Denmark?

Madeline Hoey is currently studying at the University of Copenhagen through the…

Arrival Orientation 2019

On August 29th and 30th 2019, Fulbright Denmark welcomed eight American students…

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fulbrighter Joachim Wiewiura went to USA to research at MIT's Media Lab’s Center…

Solar Energy and Peacock Spiders

Fulbrighter Nikolaj Mandsberg has helped research how the super black color of a…

CPFF Mid-Career Scholarship to Harvard

Clear the calendar, move the family to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and start a…

Fulbrighter New Minister of Foreign Affairs

Fulbrighter Jeppe Kofod has been appointed Denmark’s new Minister of Foreign…

Award Ceremony 2019

On June 6, 2019 Fulbright Denmark held its annual award ceremony celebrating the…

Operator Algebras

The purpose of my Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant to Denmark and the…

Exoplanet Exploration

Fulbright Denmark gave me an incredible opportunity to engage in cutting edge…

Boston University

It has been instructive and rewarding for me to research in the U.S., and it has…

Harvard University

Being a ‘Fulbrighter’ provides one with a network of ambitious like-minded people…

Michigan State University

My research at MSU focused on producing beneficial plant substances in a more…

The Rockefeller University

As part of my PhD study I researched a cure for HIV. During my studies I got a…