Arrival Orientation

On August 29th and 30th 2019, Fulbright Denmark welcomed eight American students and two American scholars for our annual Arrival Orientation at the Fulbright Denmark offices in central Copenhagen. The ten new Fulbrighters were introduced to Denmark’s history, culture and academic system through a series of lectures and they got to know the Fulbright Denmark offices and employees. The American Fulbrighters were also introduced to a few members of the Fulbright Denmark Board and alumni over a drink on Friday afternoon.

Thursday, August 29

The orientation started on Thursday at lunchtime, and most of the afternoon was spent going over important practical information about life in Denmark. We were visited by former Us Fulbrighter Anna Söderquist from DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia who shared tips and tricks from her own experience of moving from the U.S. to Denmark a few years ago. After the afternoon lectures were over, the Fulbrighters were treated to views of Copenhagen from the sea through a sunny boat tour of the canal system.

US Fulbrighters 2019/2020

8 Fulbright students
3 Fulbright scholars

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“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,To gain all while you give,To roam the roads of lands remote,To travel is to live.”

- H.C. Andersen

Friday, August 30

Friday started with a visit from Christa Holm Vogelius who is Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of Copenhagen, and she shared her insights into the differences between the Danish and American academic systems. Friday was also spent hearing more important practical information and culminated in a lecture about Danish History and Politics by Carsten Pape, MA in History.

After two full days of taking in information and getting to know each other, the arrival orientation ended with a typical Danish “Fyraftensøl”, where the grantees got the chance to mingle with each other, the Fulbright staff, the Fulbright Denmark Board and a few Fulbright alumni before heading off to their respective Danish homes for the year.

We at the Fulbright Denmark look forward to seeing the American Fulbrighters again in November for our Thanksgiving celebration.

US Fulbrighters to Denmark 2019/2020, Us students and scholars, Fulbright Denmark

Left to right – Top row: Amy, Alanna & Elise. Second row: Ariella, Taylor and Madeline. Third row: Waleed and Isabelle. Bottom row: Robert and Andrew.