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Crown Prince Frederik Fund

In 1993, the Danish Crown Prince Frederik studied at Harvard University and turned 25 years old; as a gift to the Crown Prince, Danish-Americans established the Crown Prince Frederik Fund.

Organtransplantation mellem arter – Columbia University

Læs om Sofie á Rogvis udlandsophold ved Columbia University

Toxic adfærd i online gaming – Rutgers University

Læs om Louise Anker Nexøs udlandsophold ved Rutgers University

Rytme og groove hos ensidigt døve – New York University

Læs om Alberte Baggesgaard Seebergs udlandsophold ved New York University

Kunstig Intelligens – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Læs om Frederk Ørsted Kjeldals ophold ved Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Grants for Danes

For graduate and PhD students, scholars, and for educational institutions.

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Fulbright Denmark Grants for Danish scholars, Fulbright grant, forskere

Fulbright Grants for Danish Scholars

Each year Fulbright Denmark awards grants to excellent Danish scholars who seek out academic challenges in the U.S.

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Fulbright Grants for Danish Students

Each year Fulbright Denmark awards grants to top graduate and PhD-students wanting to study in the U.S.

The Fulbright program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs.

— Senator J. William Fulbright