Once a Fulbrighter – Always a Fulbrighter!

Can you imagine what could be done when you put the best and the brightest from all over the world together?

Stay in touch, become part of the global Fulbright Alumni Community – and continue the Fulbright mission while boosting your own career. Join the FULBRIGHTER!

The FULBRIGHTER is an online global community exclusively for Fulbright grantees and alumni. Its mission is to empower Fulbrighters to build rich, lifelong connections – to inspire collaboration and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, best practice and advice.

The FULBRIGHTER platform will open in Fall 2019 and you will get an invitation to join if you are a recent Fulbrighter from Denmark, or you can ask to join if you don’t hear from us directly. Just send us an e-mail to fulbright@fulbright.dk stating your name, Fulbright grant year, and you will hear back from us when we are ready to sign you in.