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Fulbright Center
Nørregade 7A, 1st floor, to the left
DK-1165 Copenhagen

CVR-number: 10121418

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Sophia Eleonore Vejlgaard

Executive Director, Fulbright Denmark

Master of Arts in Linguistics and Pedagogy, with a specialization in intercultural public relations. Overall responsibility of Fulbright Denmark, including management, programs, finances/fund raising, and grants. Extensive experience in leadership, international strategy and mobility, partnership management, and bilateral agreements. Passionate about alumni relations and intercultural initiatives.

Nina Foldager Gutiérrez

Fulbright Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in American Studies, University of Southern Denmark and Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Copenhagen. Responsible for all Fulbright’s programs, including coordination, administration and advising, as well as outreach and partner collaboration. Been with Fulbright Denmark since 2020. 3318 1002

Ariella Zak Echeverría

Secretary & Project Coordinator

Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Copenhagen. Responsible for facility management, coordinating events and assisting Executive Director and Program Coordinator.

Helle Rygaard

Financial Consultant, MN Regnskab ApS

Master of Science in Business Administration and Auditing. Auditor at Deloitte from 2003-2021. Started her own company, MN Regnskab ApS, in 2021. Been a consultant with Fulbright Denmark since 2021.

Vianne Kia Grieger Nielsen

Student Assistant to Program Coordinator

Student at University of Copenhagen

Clara Legard Lundkvist Ipsen

Student Assistant in Communications

Student at Copenhagen School of Design & Technology.