U.S. Fulbright Students 2021/2022

Kim, Janie

Princeton University
Technical University of Denmark
Probing the Roles of Noncoding RNA in Complex Bacterial-Algal Interactions

Vizgan, David

Wesleyan University
Technical University of Denmark
Investigating Molecular Gas Mass Tracers across the Epoch of Reionization

Dvorak, Adam

Pomona College
Aarhus University
Analyzing Storage and Time Series Data to Achieve a Decarbonized Planet by 2050

Hoxeng, Adam Benjamin

United States Military Academy, West Point
Technical University of Denmark
MSc in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark

LeClerc, Heather Orise

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Aalborg University
Creating a World Without Waste via Thermal Conversion to Fuels

Olson, Colin Patrick

University of Maryland
University of Copenhagen
Renewable Energy Deployment and Sustainability in Copenhagen's District Heating System

U.S. Fulbright Scholars 2021/2022

Mentis, Helena Marie

University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Copenhagen
Telehealth Privacy Expectations in Denmark

Roca, Alfred Louis

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Copenhagen
Surveying the Genomic Landscape of Endogenous Retroviruses