U.S. Fulbright Students 2023/2024

Ahmad, Jabeen

North Carolina State University
University of Copenhagen
Exploration of Archaea within the Wheat Microbiome

Call, Natalie Elizabeth Lynn

Kalamazoo College
Aarhus University
Combined Semester in Denmark with the Arctic Semester in Greenland

Trimble, Owen River

University of California-Irvine
Technical University of Denmark
Numerically Modeling Alternative Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines

Campbell, Nathaniel Dean

Boise State University
Aalborg University
Urban, Energy, and Environmental Planning

Chawla, Shivaang

University At Large & Emory University
University of Copenhagen
Graduate Study in Bioinformatics

Getz, Danielle Jennifer

University of Rochester
University of Copenhagen
Nano Catalysis Synthesis and Characterization

Moran, Hunter Ross

CUNY Hunter College
Aalborg University
Socioeconomic factors of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Danish population-based study

Nguyen, Emily Hoai-Anh

Harvard University
Royal Danish Academy
Adaptive Reuse in Denmark: Optimizing Sustainability through Markov Models

Peck, Emily Grace

Wake Forest University
University of Copenhagen
Investigation of the Biological and Societal Drivers of Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Shen, Jing-Jing

Harvard University
Technical University of Denmark
Development of Electrolytes for Flexible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

U.S. Fulbright Scholars 2023/2024

Erzurumlu, Sadik Sinan

Babson College
Copenhagen Business School
The Role of Sustainability Reporting in Accelerating the Adoptation of Sustainable Business Models

Holewinski, Adam

University of Colorado Boulder
Technical University of Denmark
Electrified Synthesis of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals

Samaranayake, Samitha

Cornell University
Technical University of Denmark
Infrastructure Planning and Operational Optimization for Shared, Electrified vehicle Fleets

Nugent, Carolyn

Franklin W Olin College of Engineering
Aalborg University
Asteroid Hazards and Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Engineering Education

Woolner, David Bruce

Marist College
University of Southern Denmark
Struggle for Power: Franklin Roosevelt, the Grand Alliance, and the Launch of the American Century

U.S. Fulbright Students 2022/2023

Allathur, Neha Prabhakar

University of Michigan
Aalborg University
Danish Streets after COVID-19: Social Implications of a Green Mobility Transition

Azeem-Angel, Marian Farhana

University of Florida
Aarhus University
Effect of Macrophyte Beds in Water Purification and Denitrification of Streams

Cope, Thomas Anthony

Juniata College
University of Copenhagen
Adding Gas Effects to the Active Galactic Nuclei Channel for Black Hole Merger Systems

Falciani, Jonathan Eric

Temple University
Technical University of Denmark
Modelling Global Fisheries and Climate Change

Scalchunes, Alexa Nicole

Florida State University
University of Copenhagen
MSc in Global Development

Jorgenson, Benjamin Logan

University of Minnesota
University of Copenhagen
Studying the Connection Between Urban Microbiomes and Public Health

Hernandez Martinez, Cesar Enrique

Farmingdale State College
University of Copenhagen
Alteration of VMAT2 Function in Disease-Causing Genetic Variants

Miller, Ellie Margaret

Vanderbilt University
Aarhus University
Combined Denmark Semester and the Arctic Semester in Greenland (Master's Study)

Spencer, Catherine

Smith College
Technical University of Denmark
Developing Software to Automate Damage Detection of Operational Wind Turbines

U.S. Fulbright Scholars 2022/2023

Browder, Laura

University of Richmond
University of Southern Denmark
Denmark's Role in International Civil Rights Activism

Davies, Patricia Lynn

Colorado State University
Aalborg University
Biomedical Engineering, Health Sciences, Neural Engineering, and Neurophysiology

Earle, Andrew Guy

University of New Hampshire
Aalborg University
Linking Sustainability-Oriented Innovation to Market Opportunities: A Study of Business Model Innovation and Transition in Food Systems