Fulbright Denmark: Processing of Personal Data

Fulbright Denmark processes personal data in a number of different contexts in order to carry out the tasks that fall under the auspices of Fulbright Denmark, tasks which center around grant administration and related advising.

Consequently, in managing these tasks Fulbright Denmark will receive information concerning individuals which may identify the individual or make it possible to do so. Personal data and information thus figure into Fulbright Denmark’s work in various contexts.

Processing of personal data in specific contexts

Below you can read more about how Fulbright Denmark processes your personal data. Please note that Fulbright Denmark also processes personal data in other contexts than those described below. In such cases, you will be informed directly about how Fulbright Denmark will process your personal data.

Enquiries from interested parties:

Fulbright Denmark receives enquiries from individuals, university representatives and other entities regarding various aspects of grant administration/advising and processes personal data in order to handle the given enquiry.

  • Purpose of processing: The purpose is to handle the specific enquiry to the enquirer’s satisfaction. The personal data in question is provided to Fulbright Denmark by the enquirer.
  • Personal data processed: The volume and type of personal data processed will depend on the enquiry.
  • Length of processing period: Personal data will only be processed for the amount of time necessary to handle the given enquiry.

Grant applications:

When applying for a grant administered by Fulbright Denmark, you will be provided a Data Protection Notice and Consent Form tailored to that specific context.

Contact Fulbright Denmark regarding personal data processing

If you have any queries or concern about the way Fulbright Denmark processes your personal data, or wish to exercise any of your rights pursuant to the data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) you can get in touch by post or by email:

Address: Fulbright Center Denmark, Nørregade 7A, 1. tv., 1165 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Contact: Fulbright Denmark (fulbright@fulbright.dk).