Financing your studies

It should be noted that it is expensive to study in the U.S.; it can cost between DKK 250,000-400,000 per year (everything included) for undergraduate studies.

There are various ways to finance your stay

SU and SU-loan – The State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme can be taken with you to the U.S. as long as courses of study meet the same conditions for recognition as Danish ones, and the qualifications acquired are usable in Denmark. But it is not possible to get SU the first year of an American Bachelor’s degree.

Udlandsstipendium – The State Educational Study Abroad Scholarship can be applied for by graduate students for up to two years if you qualify for SU.

Fulbright student grants (only for graduate students) – you might be eligible to apply for the Fulbright scholarships.

Danish grants and scholarships – There are many grants available for graduate level studies. Most Danish grants can be found using the following databases: Legatbogen and StuderendeOnline.

Work as a Teaching Assistant or Research assistant.

American scholarships – Some U.S. universities have scholarships available.

Personal savings or loan.


It is recommended that all Danes buy insurance coverage for their time in the U.S. as it can be extremely expensive to go to the doctor or be hospitalized in the U.S. Therefore, you should secure insurance for the entire duration of your stay. Some universities will require that you buy their insurance; however, if possible we recommend that you obtain a Danish insurance as the coverage is usually better.