The Fulbright grant competition for Americans to do research or study in Denmark during the academic year 2023/2024 is officially open.

Ambitious American students who dream of studying and doing research in Denmark can now apply for a Fulbright grant. The grants are offered to Master’s and PhD students who are looking to study in Denmark in the academic year 2023/2024. The grant length is 8-10 months, and the grant period must begin in late August 2023. Prospective applicants can learn more and apply here.


Why you should study in Denmark

Denmark is a popular study destination thanks to its excellent universities which are consistently ranked among the top in the world. Danes are very welcoming to foreigners and the standard of English is extremely high, making it easy to fit in and communicate and make friends with locals. Another major appeal for many American students is the Danish work-life balance and the relaxed lifestyle.

Denmark has high aspirations to lower the global CO2 emission and Copenhagen aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. The government is making it a top priority for all levels of society – including education. Most of the largest universities offer a variety of sustainability programs and all Danish universities contribute to the research and development of green technology.

Grants for American Students

Each year Fulbright Denmark welcomes top American students to Denmark. Read more about grants for American Master's and PhD students by clicking the button below.

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Are you a scholar?

Fulbright also offers grants for scholars who wish to attend a Danish educational institution as a visiting professor for a semester. Learn more about our grants for scholars below.

Grants for scholars

"I am extremely thankful for Fulbright Denmark’s efforts to make this experience possible."

- Danielle Medina-Hernandez, Fulbrighter 2021

What it is like to study in Denmark as a Fulbrighter

“Fulbright helped to prepare me for my stay by answering any pre-departure questions I had, no matter how insignificant they seemed. Everyone has been very friendly and willing to do what they can.”

– Heather Leclerc, U.S. Fulbrighter 2021-2022

During your grant period, Fulbright Denmark will assist you in settling into Danish life. Throughout the academic year, we organize three meetings: an Arrival Orientation in early fall, a seminar and Thanksgiving Dinner in November, and a Wrap-Up Seminar in spring. Additionally, we work closely with all institutions of higher education in Denmark and can be your broker into the Danish educational system and culture – should you need it!

If you are interested in studying in Denmark as a Fulbrighter, please click here to learn more about the application process.