Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant

Every year, around 200 American professors engage in the Fulbright Program in Europe, conducting research and disseminating their expertise. Danish higher educational institutions have the opportunity to apply for the Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant Program, which allows them to bring a U.S. Fulbright professor to Denmark for lectures, events, or seminars. The professor’s visit can extend up to 1 week, with Fulbright Denmark covering the cost of airfare.

This program offers Danish higher education institutions a unique chance to easily access the most talented and brilliant American professors who are already in Europe through a Fulbright grant.

Next steps

If your Danish higher education institution is interested in hosting a U.S. Fulbright Scholar through the program, you can find the list of eligible American Scholars by downloading the Excel file available here. Additionally, you can gather more information by visiting this link. For any further inquiries or questions, please reach out to Fulbright Denmark’s Program Coordinator.

Are you a Danish higher education institution?

Your institution has the opportunity to extend an invitation to an American Scholar currently in Europe on a Fulbright Grant through the Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant. This grant allows for a visit to Denmark, lasting up to 1 week. By taking advantage of this program, your institution can foster knowledge exchange and collaboration with esteemed scholars.

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