Fulbright Denmark samarbejder med den amerikanske organisation, Thanks to Scandinavia, som blandt andet giver legater til danske studerende.

Til minde om at det er 79 år siden de danske jøder blev reddet til Sverige, deler Thanks to Scandinavia Insider det følgende:

“This October marks the 79th anniversary of the rescue of the Danish Jews. In the fall of 1943, Nazis planned to rid the country of 7,800 Jews. The Danish resistance movement, assisted by many ordinary citizens, coordinated the transportation of about 7,200 Jews to safety in nearby neutral Sweden over three weeks.

Anne Sheppes, who was only 5 years old at the time, has shared her family’s harrowing story of being rescued. After hiding out in hotels and then staying with a woman who was part of the underground rescue operation, Anne and her family escaped to Sweden on a fishing boat.

And then there is Ester Winkler who was rescued by her fellow countrymen, “ordinary folk risking their lives to rescue total strangers,” she said. The rescue operation by the Danish underground is exceptional because of the widespread agreement and resolve of many Danes from all walks of life – intellectuals, priests, policemen, doctors, blue-color workers – to save the Jews.

To pay tribute to this incredible rescue operation, our own organization was founded in 1963 by Victor Borge and Richard Netter. We’re honored to provide funding for education to students in Scandinavia and Bulgaria in recognition of the heroes from those countries who helped save thousands of Jews.

Thanks to this extraordinary mass rescue effort, Denmark had one of the highest Jewish survival rates for any European country.”

Thanks to Scandinavia Insider


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