The grant competition for the Thanks to Scandinavia grant is open until March 2nd.

Thanks To Scandinavia is a scholarship fund, that recognizes the ordinary people who performed extraordinary acts in Scandinavia during WWII by saving tens of thousands of their Jewish neighbors. To honor their legacy, Thanks To Scandinavia provides scholarships to students from Scandinavia who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and working to create positive change in our world. The grant is administered by Fulbright Denmark and if you wish to apply, you have to use Fulbright Denmark’s application platform.

Thanks to Scandinavia offers two separate grants. 2 grants for students pursuing a full Master’s degree in the US (Master’s degree grant) and 1 grant for a student within an academic field related to music (Victor Borge Music Scholarship).

General points about the grants:

  • The scholarships must be used on tuition or tuition-related expenses, e.g. books and university-related fees. The scholarships are paid in the U.S. and in USD.
  • Applicants must have Danish citizenship.
  • Applicants cannot have dual Danish-American citizenship or an American ‘Green card’
  • Applicants can apply before they have been accepted to a U.S. university. But, scholarships cannot be finally awarded until an official Acceptance Letter has been received
  • Scholarships are not awarded to students going on an exchange agreement
  • You cannot apply if you have already commenced your studies in the U.S.
  • Please note on the Cover Sheet that you are applying for a TTS grant.

Master's Degree grant

  • $20,000 grant.
  • The scholarships can only be applied for a full Master’s degree.
  • The scholarship can be applied for a degree longer than one year, but the scholarship is only for one year.
  • Applicants need to be accepted through general graduate admissions, and not through e.g. continuing education, extension service, lifelong learning institute, MOOCs etc.

Victor Borge Music Scholarship

  • $20,000 grant.
  • Applicants must study within an academic field related to music. Students within Performance Music, Composition and Conducting will be preferred.
  • If a relevant applicant is not identified, the scholarship will be awarded to a relevant student from Sweden, Norway, Finland or Bulgaria.

Grant amount



March 2, 2022 at 12:00 PM (noon)

Who can apply

Danish students