Apply for a Fulbright student grant

As a Danish grant applicant you apply for a Fulbright Denmark student grant through the U.S. Institute of International Education’s online portal Slate, which is used for Fulbright programs worldwide. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements and instructions that apply to Danish applicants before applying (not all sections are relevant for Danish applicants).

Country-specific instructions:

Deadline: 12 noon, March 3, 2021

You must upload the following documents in English to your online application:

  • Cover sheet (download, save and fill out)
  • Budget (download, save and fill out)
  • Two essays (max. one page each):
    Study/Research Objective + Personal Statement 
  • CV (max. two pages)
  • Academic transcripts/grades from universities
  • Two recommendations (must be uploaded by the recommender)
  • Official Letter of Acceptance/Invitation (or correspondence if you have not been accepted yet)
  • Copy of your Passport ID Page
  • For PhD-students: Documentation from Danish university confirming academic and financial support during the stay in the U.S.
  • For artists/musicians: Relevant portfolio of photos, catalogs, performances etc.


Please read the instructions carefully before applying.