25 American participants from The Gilman Climate Leaders Seminar Series are arriving in Denmark on June 6 to take part in a 7-day program.

The seminar in Denmark is hosted by Fulbright Denmark in collaboration with The U.S. Department of State and Study Abroad in Scandinavia (DIS), and it serves as the culmination of the Gilman Climate Leaders Seminar Series. The seminar series is being organized by the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, which allows low-income American students to study or intern in another country.

The seminar series’ virtual component began on March 24 and ended on May 12. Participants in these seminars were then given the opportunity to apply for a fully-funded overseas in-person seminar in Denmark, which we are pleased to report that many did. The U.S. Department of State selected the final 25 attendees, who are a diverse group of Americans with a shared interest in sustainability and climate change. Fulbright Denmark is looking forward to another opportunity for Danes and Americans to come together and share knowledge and insights about sustainability which is one of Fulbright Denmark’s three focus areas.

During the seminar, the attendees will explore local Danish solutions to climate change and learn more about Copenhagen’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025 and fossil-fuel-free by 2050 through lectures, field studies, and a workshop. Among other things, attendees will visit Copenhill, an artificial ski slope on the roof of an energy plant, and meet with a local farmer who uses wind turbines to power his farm. They will also be eating at selected restaurants to explore the Danish sustainable and local food scene.

We look forward to meeting the attendees and sharing more about their visit in June.