Building a Fulbrighter Community Across Europe

Each year, the Fulbright Commission in Brussels invites other Fulbright Commissions within the EU to nominate one or two distinguished American grantees to travel to Belgium and Luxembourg for a four-day seminar focusing on the European Union and NATO (EU-NATO Seminar). Over the course of four days, seminar participants explore the structure and function of these organizations and learn how these institutions affect their academic, professional, and personal lives.

From 28 February to 4 March 2023, Marian Azeem-Angel, U.S. Fulbrighter in Denmark, attended the EU-NATO Seminar. Marian was joined by other Fulbright grantees studying, researching, and teaching all over the EU.

Marian Azeem-Angel, U.S. Fulbrighter 2022/2023

Purpose of Grant:

Effect of macrophyte beds in water purification and denitrification of streams

Danish University:

Aarhus University

"This singular opportunity has been a highlight of my Fulbright-career thus far, and I am excited for whatever is next around the corner!”

- Marian Azeem-Angel, U.S. Fulbrighter 2022/2023

A unique experience

Last week, I was privileged to represent Fulbright Denmark at the 2023 Fulbright NATO-EU Seminar, hosted by the Commission for Educational Exchange between the U.S., Belgium and Luxembourg.

I’ve always been fascinated by the interworkings of super-national and transnational organizations, but this seminar opened the floodgates of that curiosity. This unique opportunity allowed us to peek inside how these organizations function and the role played by the United States in these spaces. It widened my desire to engage in international scientific diplomacy/research.

Throughout the week, we bounced between Luxembourg and Brussels, listening to excellent speakers on our visits to the U.S. Embassy LuxembourgEuropean CommissionCourt of Justice of the European UnionEuropean ParliamentNATO, and U.S. Mission to the EU. Thanks so much to Elisabeth Bloxam and Erica Lutes for putting together such an amazing itinerary, taking fantastic care of us, and managing to keep it all together, even amid a tractor protest!

I was joined by a stellar cohort of Fulbrighters across Europe, from research study grantees, so ETAs, and Shuman Scholars. Fulbright really does pick the best of the best; everyone is so kind, intelligent, and high-achieving in their respective fields. It was an absolute joy to experience this seminar with them, learn from them, and plant the seeds of friendship I hope extends back stateside and for years to come.

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