Are you wondering what it's like to be a Fulbright Specialist? We have interviewed Carol Ann Jensen who recently spent 2 months CPH Business.

When Ms. Carol Jensen arrived in Denmark in 2015 as a Fulbright Scholar, she fell in love with the culture and the country. The initial months she was assigned to Copenhagen Business Academy (“CPH Business”) as a visiting scholar fueled her return as a Fulbright Specialist in 2021.

The Fulbright Specialist Program differs from the Fulbright Scholar Program by being a shorter stay of no more than 2 months where no teaching is required. Instead, specialists often find themselves developing curricula for their partner institution or working on other projects related to the institution. Plans for specialist assignments are developed in cooperation between the specialist and the Danish institution. Carol spent most of her time at the Copenhagen Business Academy’s campus for economics and finance during her first stay teaching entrepreneurship.

Fulbright Specialist

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Carol Ann Jensen, Fulbright Specialist, 2021

Carol is a California Licensed real estate broker and realtor so when the opportunity to use her knowledge at the CPH Business Finance Campus as a real estate Fulbright specialist presented itself, she happily agreed. During Carol’s stay in Denmark, she worked on several projects within her specialty:

1. International course curriculum.

For this project, Carol helped develop an international real estate course curriculum at CPH Business. CPH Business educates the majority of all real estate brokers in Denmark and wanted to develop and expand its curriculum further.

2. Comparative analysis on the U.S. and Denmark (marketing brochure for Dansk Ejendomsmælgerforening*)

Carol provided content for a brochure on how residential and commercial real estate sales are practiced and financed in Denmark. The brochure will be shared with the National Association of REALTORS ® in the United States as a way to build a bridge between Danish and American real estate agents.

* Dansk Ejendomsmæglerforening, also known as DE, is the Danish equivalent to the U.S. National Association of Realtors

3. Results presentation to the Copenhagen Business Academy’s real estate faculty.

The results of Carol’s research and curriculum development are provided to the CPH Business faulty for their use in the classroom. Documents include both instructor and student guides (English) suitable for understanding California real estate principles, practice, and escrow

4. Bibliography.

A bibliography of instructional materials, website resources, and publications pertaining to international real estate education is provided to the CPH Business faculty.

Copenhagen Business Academy hosted Carol as a Specialist

Copenhagen Business Academy invited Carol to work as a Fulbright specialist from the CPH Business Landemærket campus. She spent her workday among Danes, which not only allowed her to learn more about Danish culture but also strengthened the relationship with the host institution. Carol also stresses the importance of the Fulbright credential and explains that this has opened doors for her at the level of peer-to-peer international conversation and connections not accessible without being part of the Fulbright program. To Carol, relationships, connections, and referrals are the essence of real estate. By coming to Denmark as a Fulbright Specialist, she was able to strengthen all of these.

Even though Carol has now returned to the US, the Specialist Program has paved the way for continued collaborations as well as opportunities for future visits and exchanges. Carol will continue to coordinate a 2-week real estate study tour for Copenhagen Business Academy’s students and faculty to San Francisco.

Are you interested in being a Fulbright Specialist or hosting a Fulbright Specialist at your institution?

Please contact Fulbright Denmark’s Program Coordinator, Nina Foldager Jung, at email: You can reach Carol Jensen, instructor, City College of San Francisco, California at email: