On May 27, it was time to say goodbye to the American Fulbrighters who have been in Denmark on a Fulbright grant in the 2020/2021 academic year. An unusual year indeed, but each one of them must be highly recommended for making the most of their academic stay in Denmark at different Danish universities.

Marie Mønsted, Executive Director of Fulbright Denmark, thanked the Fulbrighters and the Danish institutions for how they have managed during this year. Going on a Fulbright grant somewhere in the world always means stepping out of ones comfort zone, but to do it during a pandemic calls for extra courage.

She reminded the grantees that their grants were created through the cooperation of the U.S.A. and Denmark, and are based on the shared values of free, democratic societies. The Fulbright program is based upon the knowledge that democracy has to be tended to and taken care off – but also that we must trust in our values. This is the bigger Fulbright mandate, beyond securing academic exchanges between Denmark and the U.S.A.

Fulbright Grants

Each year Fulbright awards grants to top Master and PhD-students to do academic exchanges.

Grants for American studentsGrants for Danish students

From the left: James Budinich, Anna Weldy, Nolan Lem, Christopher Ozuna, ED Marie Mønsted, Madeline DuBois, Caroline Dahlberg, Michael Kirschnerand, and Danielle Medina-Hernandez