Around 5 million DKK in Grants from Fulbright Denmark for the Next Academic Year

Fulbright Denmark has the honor of awarding grants totaling almost DKK 3 million to 30 Danish Fulbright students (Master/Ph.D. level), 2 Fulbright Visiting Scholars, and 2 Fulbright Postdoc Visiting Scholars. We are pleased that all grantees have now received approval from the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

The grants will allow these Danish students and scholars to pursue academic stays in the U.S.A. during the upcoming academic year 2023-2024. The recipients come from various academic and artistic fields, representing numerous institutions of higher education across Denmark. They will have the opportunity to study, research, and work in some of the world-renowned American universities, alongside the brightest minds in their respective fields from all over the world.

The connections and networking opportunities that the Fulbright name will provide to the grantees will undoubtedly result in a transformative experience for each of them on a personal level. Naturally, this will also have broader benefits for Denmark upon their return.

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"The Fulbright program worldwide is based on the trust that academic and cultural exchanges are key assistants in creating a better, more interconnected world."

- Marie Mønsted, ED Fulbright Denmark

Furthermore, it is our pleasure to announce that grants will be awarded to a total of 5 Fulbright US Scholars and 10 Fulbright US Students. Fulbright Denmark is able to award almost 2.5 million DKK to American students (Master/PhD level) and scholars, who are slated to undertake academic and cultural programs in Denmark during the upcoming academic year 2023-24. Similar to their Danish counterparts, they represent a diverse range of academic disciplines and will attend various higher education institutions across the country.

While we are confident that the grant money will significantly benefit each grantee, we also recognize that the value of a Fulbright grant goes far beyond its monetary worth. With 77 years of experience, the Fulbright program is premised on the belief that academic and cultural exchanges are crucial to promoting a better and more interconnected world.

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