The Fulbright Academic Year 2021/2022 is off to a good start with a total of 28 grantees in the Fulbright core grant program for students and scholars, both Danes and Americans.

What a pleasure it is to be able to write this after the problems we have all faced for a while due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

On August 26 and 27, we hosted the arrival orientation in the Fulbright Center for our American grantees and scholars, and members of the Fulbright Board. With only 8 grantees this was a much smaller group than usual due to the ongoing restrictions – but it was so positive again to have American grantees who could now start their time in Denmark without delays or cancellations. It is also positive that this is the first year where we can directly see the results in recruiting for our 3 focus areas: Sustainability, Space, and Life Sciences. This had made it possible to attract top American students and scholars within these areas to Denmark. And finally, we are pleased, that even with this smaller number of grantees, we still have American Fulbright grantees in Aalborg, Aarhus, and Copenhagen.

Please see a list of the American grantees here.

The 20 Danish Fulbright grantees have either left for the U.S.A. or will be leaving in the coming months during this academic year. They represent a very broad variety of academic areas (from violin performance to space law) and Danish institutions, and they are going to many different American top institutions. We know they will be especially welcomed in the U.S.A. as Fulbrighters. We look forward to following their successes and hearing about their experiences during their Fulbright time.

See the list of the Danish Fulbright grantees here.

Welcome orientation

On August 26 and 27, 2021, Fulbright Denmark hosted a welcome orientation for the new American Fulbrighters who arrived in Denmark as grantees or scholars.