Crown Prince Frederik Fund (CPFF) offers a unique opportunity to study at the Ivy League university Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard Kennedy School).

Each year, CPFF awards two scholarships within the social sciences to excellent students or professionals for Harvard Kennedy School.

The competition for scholarships in the academic year 2022/2023 is now open.

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Crown Prince Frederik Fund

2 Scholarships within the social sciences to excellent students or professionals to study at Harvard Kennedy School.

The Competition is Open

A unique opportunity to study at the world renowned Harvard Kennedy School.

Dedication to continuous learning and a thirst for adventure led Jakob Ullegaard to quit his job as Executive Director at Danish Shipping and pursue a year of tremendous, personal development at Harvard University.

The Scholarship from Crown Prince Frederik Fund made it possible for Jakob to get a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University from July 2018 to June 2019 as a Mid-career student.

“It is a big leap to go at a later stage in your career, but I believe you also reap even larger benefits. On top of all the learning and opportunities to be in dialogue with highly experienced figures from public policy and business, I also built a strong network among more than 200 hundred professionals from around the world. Knowing the potential of my classmates, I am certain that many will be in very influential positions in their own countries, and I hope we can make good use of each other.” – Jacob Ullegaard, Harvard University, 2018/19. Today he is Head of the Secretariat for Venstre at Christiansborg.

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“With more than a decade of work experience and having gone through all the struggles of learning how to lead groups of highly skilled people, I was very ripe for new learning. I think one of the reasons my year at Harvard Kennedy School yielded so much was that I could relate my classes to real life situations that I have gone through.”

- Jakob Ullegaard, Harvard University, 2018/19, Recipient of Crown Prince Frederik Fund Mid-Career Scholarship

In 1993, HRH Crown Prince Frederik studied at Harvard University and turned 25 years old. As a gift to HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Danish-Americans raised funds to establish the Crown Prince Frederik Fund.

The two annaual scholarships are:

1 scholarship for a two year Master’s degree at HKS

1 Scholarship for HKS’ Mid-Career Master in Public Administration

In assessing the applicants, great emphasis is on relevant work experience, extra-curricular activities within political science, economics, law, public administration or similar, good grades and recommendations. See how to apply