Jon Bannon, US Fulbright Scholar in the UK

Inter-Country Travel Grant to Denmark, June 2019

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Solving longstanding problems in operator algebras

The purpose of my visit to the University of Copenhagen was to deliver a lecture on recent joint work with Amine Marrakchi and Narutaka Ozawa that solved a longstanding problem in operator algebras. I delivered this lecture, and additionally had the benefit of discussions with Magdalena Musat and Mikael Rørdam (University of Copenhagen), Alexander Bufetov (Directeur, CNRS Marseille) and had the honor of meeting Abel Prize winner Yakov Sinai (Princeton University/Moscow State University).

In addition to learning about some interesting open mathematical questions about determinantal point processes, I did have a chance to get a sense of Danish culture during my visit. I found the Danish Design Museum particularly interesting and some of what I read there has spurred in me a new interest in learning about Danish ideas surrounding democracy.

Inter-Country Travel Grant


Enabling U.S Fulbright Scholars in Europe to create connections with other fellow scholars and institutions in their field in Denmark.


Opportunity to enrich professional and cultural experience outside of ones country of assignment.

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The work of Musat and Rørdam on factorizable completely positive maps has a direct bearing on my central area of research, and now that I have spent some time with them, it will be easier to continue discussion of research questions.

Fulbright family

It was a tremendous honor to visit the department, as my mathematical grandfather, the late Richard V. Kadison, was a Fulbright Scholar to Denmark (he worked with Bent Fuglede in 1954-55). In fact, Mikael Rørdam was a student of Kadison, and so is effectively my mathematical uncle. Discussing the history of Kadison’s longstanding relationship with Denmark, and how it led to deep ties between the US and Denmark via Operator Algebras, was an experience replete with cultural meaning for me. It has given a new sense of depth to my overall Fulbright experience in the UK, and the potential for making the world a bit more close-knit through our common study of mathematics.

The opportunity for me to see the long-term impact of Kadison’s Fulbright experience in Denmark has added great depth to my own Fulbright experience in the UK. I believe it will be invaluable for helping me imagine ways to extend and deepen the relationships I have cultivated here in the UK over the past six months.

Inter-country Jon Bannon 2019