Caroline Espersen, Harvard Medical School, 2019-2020

Caroline Espersen was a Fulbrighter at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School AY 2019/2020. She conducted research within the field of cardiology and cardiac imaging for her master’s thesis:

I study Medicine at the University of Copenhagen and as a part of my elective research semester I was fortunate to be able to study and do research at a leading world-class university and hospital. My project focused on investigating the sex differences in various congestive markers in patients with acute heart failure presenting to the Emergency Department. Understanding the congestive patterns in women and men with acute heart failure may provide insights into the differences in presentation and prognosis and thus aid in better patient management.

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"I was fortunate to be able to study and do research at a leading world-class university and hospital."

- Caroline Espersen, Fulbrighter at Harvard Medical School, AY 2019/2020

During my stay I finished my master thesis project which will be submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal. I was also involved in various other research projects and analyzed lung ultrasound images for another research study. Additionally, I took two courses offered by Harvard Catalyst – a course in Applied Biostatistics and Clinical Trial Design. Both courses supplemented my research projects well and provided me with great tools for embarking on a research journey both in terms of designing a research study and analyzing the data properly. I also participated in many interesting talks and weekly conferences held by world-renowned researchers in the field of cardiology.

Fulbright Opens Doors

Fulbright not only opened doors to a great community of people from around the world, it also opened doors academically.

I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and make long-lasting friendships through the Fulbright community. I was also invited to attend a Fulbright Enrichment Seminar in Salt Lake City where I also met truly remarkable people from all around the world whilst engaging in the seminar topics of innovation and entrepreneurship in the “Silicon Slopes”.

Fulbright Enrichment Seminar in Salt Lake City with fellow Fulbrighters. Caroline is third from the right.

I can only recommend embarking on similar academic exchanges and Fulbright is an outstanding way to not only help fund the academic exchange but also open doors to a great academic and social network.

If embarking on a similar academic exchange I would recommend planning ahead in due time and start applying for scholarships early on in the process. Furthermore, I would recommend attending as many social events and gatherings as possible and engage actively in the community.