Fulbrighters Mariane Schleimann and Line Vibholm are working towards a treatment for HIV alongside collaborators from their Fulbright research visits in the U.S.

In 2017, Mariane and Line from Aarhus University both received a Fulbright grant for research in the US. Mariane received the scholar grant and spent six months at the Oregon Health and Science University. Line received the student grant and spent a year at the Rockefeller University in New York City.

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Fulbrighters Mariane and Line work together with other international researchers towards a treatment for HIV.

Both Mariane and Line do research in virology regarding infectious diseases, specifically HIV. After their return to Denmark, they have worked together extensively, and Mariane has also maintained cooperation with scholars at Oregon Health and Science University.

This also resulted in an article published in 2019 about a possible treatment for HIV.

Following Mariane’s Fulbright visit, Aarhus University has appointed Dr. Jacob Estes from the Oregon Health and Science University, one of Mariane and Line’s research collaborators, as honorary professor to further the research towards a cure for HIV.

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