The Fulbright grant competition for Americans to do research or study in Denmark during the academic year 2024/2025 is officially open.

American students with ambitions to conduct research and study in Denmark can now apply for a Fulbright scholarship. The scholarships are available to Master-level and Ph.D. students who intend to study in Denmark during the academic year 2024/2025. The scholarship duration spans 8-10 months, and the grant period must commence in late August and end no later than June. It is compulsory to attend the Fulbright Arrival Orientation, which is held in Copenhagen in late August, and therefore you must plan your commencement date accordingly. Interested applicants can find out more and submit their application here.

Why you should study in Denmark

Denmark is a popular study destination thanks to its excellent universities. The Danish universities are renowned for their dynamic learning atmosphere and exceptional quality of education. Their teaching and learning approach revolves around problem-based learning methods that cultivate self-reliance in students and nurture their ability to think creatively and innovatively. Additionally, Denmark produces a considerable number of talented individuals in various fields.

It is also an inclusive and welcoming country with a large international student population, making it a great opportunity to meet people from around the world and expand your cultural horizons. Previous Fulbrighters find that Danes are very welcoming to foreigners and the standard of English is extremely high, making it easy to fit in and communicate and make friends with locals. Another major appeal for many American students is the Danish work-life balance and the relaxed lifestyle, which can be a great environment for students who want to prioritize their studies while also enjoying other aspects of life.

Grants for American Students

Every year, Fulbright Denmark invites exceptional American students to come and study in Denmark. For more information about the grants available for American Master's and Ph.D. students, click the button below.

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Are you a scholar?

Fulbright also provides grants for scholars who want to spend a semester as a visiting professor at a Danish educational institution. Further information about our grants for scholars is available below.

Grants for scholars

"I am extremely thankful for Fulbright Denmark’s efforts to make this experience possible."

- Danielle Medina-Hernandez, Fulbrighter 2021

The experience of studying in Denmark as a Fulbrighter

Throughout your grant period, Fulbright Denmark will offer support to help you adjust to life in Denmark. We organize three meetings throughout the academic year, including an Arrival Orientation in early fall, a seminar and Thanksgiving Dinner in November, and a Wrap-Up Seminar in spring. Moreover, we maintain close collaboration with all institutions of higher education in Denmark and can act as your intermediary into the Danish educational system and culture, if required.

If you are keen on pursuing your studies in Denmark as a Fulbrighter, click here to obtain further information regarding the application process.