Nikolaj K. Mandsberg Receives Kirstines Meyer's Memorial Scholarship

December 9, 2020 Nikolaj K. Mandsberg, Fulbrighter 2017/2018 received the rare and prestigious Kirstine Meyer’s Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship was given by The Society for the Propagation of Natural Science (Selskabet for Naturlærens Udbredelse) to four young scientists:

Astrid T. Rømer from Niels Bohr Institute, Kasper S. Petersen from DTU Chemistry, Mathias Heltberg from Niels Bohr Institute and Fulbright alumni Nikolaj Mandsberg from DTU Health Tech.

The scholarship was most recently awarded in 2014, and among the recipients through the ages are the astronomer Anja C. Andersen, the ice core researcher Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, the Nobel Prize winner Aage Bohr and the later rector of the University of Copenhagen, Ove Nathan.

“The scholarship is an honorary scholarship that cannot be applied for. Its recipients over time have all been outstanding young researchers, the vast majority of whom have left their mark on their field of research, and this year’s recipients are second to none,” says Dorte Olesen, The president of The Society for the Propagation of Natural Science.

Congratulations to Nikolaj K. Mandsberg!

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Nikolaj K. Mandsberg, Fulbrighter 2017/2018 and recipient of the prestigious Kirstine Meyer's Memorial Scholarship. He will finish his Ph.D. at DTU in 2021.