Præsentation af sociale insekter på Utterslev Skole af U.S. Fulbrighter, Rick Gawne

Den 29. april besøgte U.S. Fulbrighter 2014/2015, Rick Gawne, Utterslev Skole sammen med tre medstuderende fra Københavns Universitet:

We assembled a group of four graduate students from the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Social Evolution to give a series of interactive presentations to 7th and 8th grade students at Utterslev Skole. Although all of us had previous experience with professional presentations, we had never talked about our work with younger students, so we were a bit nervous at first. In the end, however, these worries were unfounded. We brought a live colony of leaf cutter ants with us, and the students really seemed to enjoy looking at the animals. Surprisingly, they were even interested in the lectures. We also learned a lot ourselves, and had a great time in the process. Ultimately, what we took away from the whole experience is that it is important for scientists to regularly venture outside of our academic comfort zones, and engage the general public.

Rick ants 1Rick ants 2