Newest numbers from “Open Doors 2017”

  • Europe continues to be the number one destination for US students at 54% of the total of 325,400.  This represents a 3.8% increase in US students studying abroad. STEM remains the most popular major for Americans studying abroad with 1 in 4 students in the math and sciences.
  • Netherlands was cited as the European country with the greatest increase in US students studying there – up by 17.2%.  Two other countries had double digit increases in their numbers:  Denmark at 14.8%; Czech Republic at 12.6%. Germany followed at 8.1% and is now at 5th place in global numbers, replacing China which is now at 6th.  Ireland had a 8.2% increase.
  • The UK remains the number one destination for Americans studying abroad, both short and long term, with 12% of the total. Italy is next with 10.7% of the total. The UK also leads in the number of American’s taking full degrees abroad with some 18,425 of the approximately 40,000 total.
  • There are some 8 million foreign students in the United States, a new record and representing a 3% overall increase (to include those who are staying on for a OPT). While the overall number of international students in the U.S. increased, the number of new students declined by nearly 10k students, a 3% dip from the previous year. USA is still the number one destination for foreign study abroad due to the vast capacity of US higher education (with some 4,000 + universities). 


Source: https://www.iie.org/opendoors