Internships in Denmark

The legislation concerning internships in Denmark for a young American is quite complex. The following guidelines apply to students and recent graduates only. In addition, please note that the authorization to issue permits for internships lies solely with the Danish authorities.

American students who are legally in Denmark as exchange or guest students are eligible to work up to a maximum of 15 hours per week alongside their studies. During June, July, and August, you are allowed to work full time. American students who wish to embark on an internship after or before his or her studies must contact the Danish Immigration Service in order to obtain a work permit for this purpose.

Recent American graduates (who are not exchange or guest students in Denmark) who wish to undertake an internship must obtain a residence- and work-permit. This permit will be valid for the duration of the employment contract with a Danish firm, but cannot exceed 18 months.

For the full version of the legislation, further information about the official rules, and application forms to obtain the relevant permits, please contact the Danish Immigration Service.


Hammershus – a historical castle ruin on the Danish island, Bornholm












Neither the Denmark-America Foundation nor the Fulbright Commission can offer a special program or any assistance in facilitating young Americans obtaining the relevant permits. These permits are only issued on an individual basis for Denmark.

If you have any further questions on internships in Denmark, please contact us at info@fulbright.dk.