American Fulbright Grantees in Denmark

Fulbright Core Program 2017-18

Clark, Caitlyn Elizabeth
Aalborg University
Oregon State University – Corvallis
Decreasing Risk and Uncertainty in Floating and Co-located Marine Renewable Energy Systems

Cuevas-Ferreras, Analia Miladys
University of Copenhagen
Yale University
Anti-immigration Attitudes in Denmark

Elsbernd, Abbey Marie
University of Copenhagen
University of Kansas
Challenges in Adolescent and Young Adult Onchology

Mayo, Andrew Wayne
University of Copenhagen
Harvard University
Developing a High-Precision Model of Stellar Noise for the Detection of Rocky Exoplanets

McCormack, Kaylee Lynn
Technical University of Denmark
Auburn University
Chemical Engineering Graduate Study and Catalysis

PeConga, Emma Kathryn
University of Copenhagen
Dartmouth College
Efficacy of Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation for Tortured and Traumatized Refugees

Said, Deanna Rachel
The Royal Danish Academy of Music
Indiana University – Bloomington
The Role of Classical Music in a Post-Modern Society

Willdigg, Jessica Rose
University of Copenhagen
State University of New York – Stony Brook
The Role of Toxin-Antitoxins in Bacterial Multidrug Tolerance

Wilson, Michael Keith
University of Copenhagen
Michigan State University
Memory Reclamation and Black Danish Identity Formation in Contemporary Art

Brown, Crystal Hannah (Fulbright Schuman)
Aarhus University
University of Oregon
How Integration Policies Can Help Stop Radicalization Among Immigrant Communities in the EU


Barthelmie, Rebecca J.
Technical University of Denmark
Cornell University
Harnessing the Power of the Wind: Building Bigger and Better Wind Farms
(Spring semester 2018)

Bement, Marie K. Hoeger
Aalborg University
Marquette University
Neuroplasticity of Exercise and Pain Management
(August 17, 2017 – January 8, 2018)

Rowberry, Ryan M.
Aarhus University
Georgia State University
Legal Protections for Cultural Heritage in Coastal Cities: Lessions from the U.S. and Denmark
(May 15, 2018 – August 15, 2018)

Warren, Kimberley C.
University of Southern Denmark
University of Kansas
To further expand American and non-American students’ understanding of the US in a global context and the complex nature of American citizenship within that context.
(August 1, 2017 – July 1, 2018)

















Fulbright Specialist Program

Hammonds, Lenora Helm
Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and Aalborg
North Carolina Central University
Music Education

Kodituwakku, Piyadasa 
University of Copenhagen
University of New Mexico
Global Health

Ostrom, Marcia
University of Southern Denmark
Washington State University
Rural Sociology

Rinfret, Sara
Aarhus University
University of Montana
Public Administration/Political Science/Environmental Policy

Zhao, Jinlin
University College Nordjylland
Florida International University
Business Administration