Thinking about studying in Denmark?

We have Fulbright grants to American students (master/Ph.D.) for one academic year of study and/or research in Denmark. Students can apply for full-time study, research, or a combination of the two.

All American students interested in applying for a Fulbright grant to Denmark must go to the Fulbright U.S. Student website to read about the general rules on citizenship, length of stay, academic level, etc. and the country specific demands for Denmark.

Fulbright Grants

US Student (ten months)

Core Fulbright grant


EU-U.S. relations/EU affairs


Apply online or through your U.S. college/university. The online application opens in early spring, and the online application deadline is in mid-October. If you are applying through a U.S. college/university, the deadline is earlier, so make sure to check with your university.


  • You can apply for a Fulbright grant to Denmark before you have been accepted to a Danish university
  • Studies/research in Denmark needs to be on graduate level
  • You need a strong letter of affiliation from the Danish host institution (Master’s degree, master’s non degree, and PhD sample letter)
  • As a Fulbright student you do not pay tuition during your Fulbright year
  • Recent graduates and graduating seniors must attend Master’s-level classes at the Danish institution


Fulbright’s grants are awarded to the most talented graduate and PhD-students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and will actively contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding as cultural ambassadors of the U.S. in Denmark.

If you are awarded a Fulbright grant, we will help and advise you through the entire process. In addition, you will be invited to a Arrival Meeting in late-August where you will receive practical advice and meet other future Fulbrighters.

Dual citizens of the U.S. and Denmark are ineligible for consideration. Students with dual U.S./other country citizenship may be accepted for a Fulbright grant to Denmark, but must always enter Denmark on their U.S. passports and must have permanent residence in the U.S.


Applicants must apply independently for admission to the Danish university and comply with their application deadlines at the same time as the Fulbright application is submitted.

University admission guidelines can be found at the university websites. Applicants must clearly state in their contact with the Danish institution that they are applying for a Fulbright grant, and the application to Fulbright must include a copy of admission correspondence/letter of affiliation.

Admission to a Danish institution of higher learning is necessary in order to comply with Danish residence permit laws, and all candidates must therefore be admitted to a Danish institution that has legal status to aid the student in applying for a residence permit. The Fulbright grant to Denmark is therefore dependent on a successful admission to a Danish institution of higher education.

In order to obtain a Fulbright grant to Denmark, all applicants must comply with all study program requirements of their Danish study program in order to maintain their student residence permit in Denmark.

Fulbright Denmark is willing to assist you with contact information to appropriate Danish institutions.

Current US Fulbrighters

Affiliation with SUND, University of Copenhagen

Please note that due to issues related to rigid admission demands at the SUND department at University of Copenhagen, applications for Fulbright research and studies within SUND at University of Copenhagen are unfortunately not possible for a Fulbright grant.


A Fulbright grant is only for one/the first year of study in Denmark. An applicant to Denmark must declare, as part of the application process, whether he/she is degree or non-degree seeking.

It is possible to apply for a Fulbright grant both as a guest student to Denmark or as a degree seeking student. A Fulbright guest student will not have to pay Danish tuition while on his/her Fulbright. However, a Fulbright student seeking a full Danish degree will have to pay full tuition for all the years of the degree. Any later change of status from non-degree to degree seeking while in Denmark may not be possible but will involve retrospective payment of tuition for the first year for the Fulbright student.

Under no circumstances can Fulbright Denmark be responsible for any financial or academic changes due to these plans. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to research any degree and financial possibilities after the Fulbright grant period.

In doubt whether your Fulbright plans are possible? Please contact us.