Marie Mønsted

Executive Director, the Danish-American Fulbright Commission

Master of Arts in Danish/Scandinavian Studies and Art History, University of Aarhus. Overall responsibility of the Fulbright Commission (including management, finances and fund raising, programming, grants et al). Executive Director of the Denmark-America Foundation from 1994-2017. Vice President of the Selection Committee of the Crown Prince Frederik Fund. Executive Director of the FulbrightCommission since 1995.

Sofie Hoxer Brund

Advisor & Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in English, University of Copenhagen. Responsible for advising, outreach og program administration in corporation with the Advisor & Administrator. Been with Fulbright since 2017.
+45 3318 1002

Anders Fromm Dall

Advisor & Administrator

Master of Arts in Anthropology of Education and Globalization, Aarhus University. Responsible for advising, outreach and program administration in corporation with the Advisor & Program Coordinator. Been with Fulbright since 2018.
+45 3318 1001

Birgitte Klinge

Financial Officer

Bachelor in Economics. Responsible for finances and budgets in close cooperation with the Executive Director. Been with Fulbright since 2012.
+45 3318 1003