Fulbright Arctic Initiative 2024-2026

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative (FAI) brings together a network of professionals, practitioners, and researchers from Arctic Council member countries to address key research and policy-related questions through a diverse, multi-dimensional, cooperative framework.

Building on the scholarship of three cohorts of the Fulbright Arctic Initiative, Fulbright Arctic IV will bring together a network of professionals, practitioners and researchers from the United States, Canada, the Kingdom of Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden for monthly webinars, thematic group collaboration, three in-person meetings and an individual exchange experience. Fulbright Arctic Initiative (FAI) IV will address key research and policy questions related to promoting Arctic Security through a diverse, multi-dimensional, cooperative interdisciplinary framework.

Bringing together scholars from diverse cultural backgrounds, trainings, and disciplines.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative IV seeks to support research through an interdisciplinary, collaborative model that will inform policy and support a more secure, just, and sustainable Arctic future. This includes approaches that value the assets and potential of Indigenous and Northern communities and focuses on the strength of bringing together scholars from diverse cultural backgrounds, trainings, and disciplines to collaborate on topics of importance to the Arctic. Potential applicants are encouraged to review products from the first three cohorts of FAI scholars and agenda setting documents coming from the U.S. Arctic Research Plan, Arctic Council Working Groups, current and past Arctic Council Chairship programs, and documents from Indigenous People’s Organizations representing Arctic stakeholders.

Fulbright is now accepting applications for the 2024-2026 cohort.

Grant duration

18 months from September 2024 to April 2026


Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholars will receive grant funding in the amount of $40,000


March 1, 2024

Who can apply

Scholars from one of the member states of the Arctic Council

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