Successfuldt samarbejde mellem Cphbusiness og U.S. Fulbright Scholar, 2015/2016, Carol Jensen

I efterårssemestret 2015, underviste U.S. Fulbright Scholar Carol Jensen på Cphbusiness på Landemærket i indre København og det er der kommet et rigtig godt samarbejde ud af. Vi deler her nogle uddrag fra en artikel om samarbejdet:

“Carol Jensen enjoyed her months at Cphbusiness and she gives the students great credit for the positive experience: “Quite frankly, I cannot recall the last time I have enjoyed teaching, as much as I have enjoyed teaching here. The students here are outstanding. They come to class on time, they ask questions, and they pay attention. You are teaching to people who have life experiences and can relate textbook reading to employment experiences. Better yet, Cphbusiness students can apply the organizational and cultural models used in class to their own work and personal lives.”

And it is not only Carol Jensen who has enjoyed the collaboration. Cphbusiness is eager to establish student internships in the United States particularly in the areas of real estate, banking, finance, and insurance. To that end, Carol will be working with her colleagues in San Francisco and Aptos, Santa Cruz counties, California to facilitate study tours and internships in business. Cphbusiness looks forward to new experiences with new partner colleges on the West Coast and future visiting U.S. Fulbright scholars.”

Fulbright Kommissionen i Danmark ønsker Carol Jensen, som nu er tilbage i San Francisco, held og lykke og håber ikke, det er Carols sidste besøg i Danmark.

Carol Jensen og Peter Lucas

Carol Jensen med en kollega på Cphbusiness i efterårssemestret 2015