Current U.S. Fulbrighter behind discovery of almost 100 new exoplanets!

Current Fulbrighter Andrew Mayo is behind the incredible discovery of 95 new exoplanets. Andrew is currently a Fulbright PhD student at DTU, but his research has been underway since 2014. The research has been conducted partly as a senior project during his undergraduate studies at Harvard University. It has also involved a team of international colleagues from institutions such as NASA, Caltech, UC Berkeley, the University of Copenhagen, and the University of Tokyo.

“The Fulbright program allowed me to pursue part of my PhD program in Denmark with Lars Buchhave, a prominent exoplanet scientist building a new research group. The advising and practical experience I’ve received as a result helped me to complete and publish research revealing nearly 100 new exoplanets. At the same time, I’ve gotten the chance to experience Denmark and Danish culture firsthand, an opportunity that would have been impossible otherwise”, says Andrew Mayo about his Fulbright experience, which helped him build the fantastic discovery. The Danish-American Fubright Commission congratulates him on his exceptional work!

Larger news outlets both in the USA and Denmark has also covered the story and and you can find links to the articles below:

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A version of the “Exoplanet Validation Paper” can be accessed at the bottom of the page here. For more information about Andrew Mayo visit his website here.