Job Opening:

Social Media Specialist and AdvisorA combined part time position, 18 hours per weekto Fulbright Denmark, Nørregade 7A, 1. sal, Kbh. K.

Fulbright: The academic flagship program for the “best and the brightest” from Denmark and the USA. Created to find global solutions and work towards world peace.

We are looking for someone:

  • Who is experienced and educated in using social media and websites to carry our message across;
  • Who has studied in the USA (university level) and therefore has knowledge about the educational system and culture there;
  • Who likes to present to an audience and work with contacts and alumni; who thinks service is important and helping and advising a student is making the day;
  • Who knows that creating and keeping contacts are essential to what we can accomplish.

Our new colleague should think that working for an organization to better the world through academic exchanges sounds like a dream job, and must be able to conduct it fluently in both Danish and American, in writing and speech.

Fulbright Denmark is a bi-national commission with programs at university level in Denmark for Americans and in the USA for Danes. We have grants and programs to graduate students and scholars, and we offer advising on both undergraduate and graduate level. Our work is supported financially by both the Danish and American states.

Start September if possible, but it is more important for us to find the right person. Work hours between 9:00 am-4:30 pm (days to be agreed upon, total hours 18 per week), salary to be negotiated.

Send a short application, CV and max. two letters of reference per e-mail to Marie Mønsted, Executive Director.

Only relevant applicants will hear back. We expect to start interviewing on a rolling basis from medio August.

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Fulbright Denmark

Is based on a bi-national treaty from 1951. It is publicly funded by the Danish and the American states, and the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark is honorary chair of the Fulbright Denmark Board.

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