American Fulbright Grantees in Denmark

Fulbright Core Program 2018-19

Busse, Kaitlin Ann
Copenhagen Business School
Roanoke College
Transforming Institutions and Organizational Cultures in Higher Education

Parnell, Kirby Elizabeth
University of Southern Denmark
University of California
Habor seal underwater communication and surface behavior

Salmon, Mandy Kerry
Aarhus University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Investigating Left Atrial Auricle Occlusion to determine the impact on the heart

Beltoja, Marjo
Aarhus University
Brown University
Combatting Parkinson’s: A novel approach to a rising threat in the Nordic countries

Kolla, Sridurgadevi
University of Copenhagen
University of Massachusetts
Effects of Phthalate Exposures on Adult Human Testes Steroidogenesis



Hentges, Sarah
Fulbright Danish Distinguished Chair in American Studies
University of Southern Denmark
University of Maine at Augusta

Levis, James W. (Spring semester 2019)
Technical University of Denmark
North Carolina State University


Fulbright Specialist Program

Hammonds, Lenora Helm
Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and Aalborg
North Carolina Central University
Music Education

Kodituwakku, Piyadasa 
University of Copenhagen
University of New Mexico
Global Health

Ostrom, Marcia
University of Southern Denmark
Washington State University
Rural Sociology

Rinfret, Sara
Aarhus University
University of Montana
Public Administration/Political Science/Environmental Policy

Zhao, Jinlin
University College Nordjylland
Florida International University
Business Administration