The Danish-American Fulbright Commission

is based on the ideas of J. William Fulbright, American Senator, and established after WWII. The program’s main objective is to promote friendship and understanding between the USA and other nations through academic exchanges.

The Commission is established by executive agreement between the United States and Denmark. The Danish-American Fulbright Commission is funded by the governments of the United States and Denmark. The Commission in Denmark has a board of 8 persons – 4 Danes and 4 Americans, and the American Ambassador to Denmark is Honorary Chair of the Commission.

The board in Denmark decides on the final allocation of the funds; on the priority areas of its grant program; on the types of grants to be awarded, and on the selection of the Danish and American candidates for these programs. The candidates – Danes and Americans – selected by the Danish Commission are subject to final approval by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Washington, D.C. (FFSB). The members of this board are directly appointed by the American President. The relations to the US Department of State (ECA) and the American Embassy in Copenhagen (PAS) are strong, but the bi-national Commission remains an independent entity governed by its own board.