Danish Language Classes

Danes generally have a high level of English proficiency and it will most likely not be necessary for you to learn Danish in order to successfully complete your studies or research in Denmark. The language of instruction in institutions of higher learning is generally Danish, but with a large number of courses taught in English. Danish language proficiency is usually not required in order to enroll at Danish institutions unless you are pursuing, for example, Kierkegaard studies and areas within Danish studies.

Students enrolled at most of the Danish universities should be aware that at most Danish universities, pre-semester Danish language courses are available and provided at the university, but please be aware of the residence permit requirements in order to attend.

A CPR Number is a Danish personal number and it gives you access to health and medical care, banks, language classes and much more. You cannot apply for a CPR number before you have a residence permit.

Many higher education institutions in Denmark offer intensive Danish language courses at the beginning of the semester (or pre-semester) or during the academic year. However, they require a CPR number in order for you to register and you might also have to pay a participation fee in order to follow the courses. You will most likely also have to be enrolled at the institution in order to attend the Danish courses. For more information, check out the course offerings and admission requirements on the individual institutions’ websites.

Please note that as of July 2018, free Danish classes will no longer apply to international students like Fulbright grantees to Denmark.

There are also different language schools and centers in Denmark that offer different Danish language programs and intensive Danish courses. Here is a list of some of the schools and centers in the major cities in Denmark:

IA Sprog

Copenhagen Language Center


Lærdansk Aarhus

Lærdansk Odense

Language Center Aalborg


Amalienborg Palace – the winter residence of the royal Danish Family situated in the middle of Copenhagen. In the background, the dome of the Marble Church is visible

If you want to start learning Danish before you come to Denmark, you might be able to find Danish language courses in the USA. This could be at your home university, at a Danish Cultural Institute branch, the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., or at the Danish Consulates.

For more information, please contact us at info@fulbright.dk.