About Denmark

Smallest country in Scandinavia; one of the world’s oldest monarchies; twice named the happiest people on earth; bicycle culture; wind energy; home of Hans Christian Andersen – but Denmark is so much more! We recommend that you come and see for yourself but before you do, make sure you check out the useful links below.

The official website of Denmark: www.denmark.dkTivoli Rachel

Study in Denmark: www.studyindenmark.dk

Ministry of Higher Education and Science: www.ufm.dk/en

University of Copenhagen: www.ku.dk/english

Aarhus University: www.au.dk/en/

University of Southern Denmark: www.sdu.dk/en/Råbjerg Mile

Roskilde University: www.ruc.dk/en/

Aalborg University: www.en.aau.dk/

Technical University of Denmark: www.dtu.dk/english

Copenhagen Business School: www.cbs.dk/en

IT University of Copenhagen: www.en.itu.dk2

DIS , Danish Institute for Study Abroad (for undergraduate American students): www.disabroad.org

Visit Denmark: www.visitdenmark.com

The Nordic Pages: www.markovits.com/nordic/denmark.shtml

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark: www.um.dk/en/travel-and-residence

Danish Representations in the U.S.: www.usa.um.dk/en/about-us