Udover Fulbright Kommissionens egne legater administrerer vi også en række andre legater og programmer til studier og forskning i USA. Vi er ikke direkte involveret i alle legaterne og man vil oftest selv skulle kontakte det universitet eller den fond, som står bag legaterne for yderligere information.

Fulbright Kommissionen tager forbehold for eventuelle ændringer i indhold, universitet og beløb. Vi modtager opslagene direkte fra universiteterne, fondene og lignende og vi kan derfor ikke tage ansvar for unøjagtigheder eller fejlagtige oplysninger.

Vi har her samlet en liste over eksterne legater og programmer til studier og forskning i USA:

American Women's Club

American Women’s Club uddeler et legat til danske kvinder hvert tredje år. For mere information om ansøgningsfrist mv., kontakt venligt American Women’s Club: www.awcdenmark.org.

Bemærk: Man søger direkte gennem American Women’s Club. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

Colby College Scholarship for Danish Undergraduate Student

Colby College søger danske studerende, som gerne vil tage en hel bachelorgrad i USA:

“Colby College welcomes applications for first-year admission from students with Danish citizenship. Successful applicants are eligible for an endowed scholarship offered by the Oak Foundation and Colby College that will meet one hundred percent of demonstrated financial need.”

For yderligere information, kontakt venligst:

Scott Alexander
Director of International Admissions
Colby College
4800 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, ME 04901

Bemærk: Colby College vælger selv legatmodtagerne og man søger direkte gennem universitetet. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

Fordham Law School – Master of Laws Scholarship

“The Danish-American Fulbright Commission is pleased to announce an opportunity through Fordham Law School in New York City:

Each year, one student from Denmark will receive a scholarship to cover 40% of the one-year full-time Master of Laws Program.

Fordham Law School, offers the Master of Laws degree in seven fields that are at the cutting edge of the global practice of law in the 21st Century:

Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law
Corporate Compliance
International Business and Trade Law
International Dispute Resolution
International Law and Justice
Intellectual Property and Information Technology
U.S. and Comparative Law

Each of these programs allows students to combine theoretical study with practical experience through drafting and other skills courses and clinical and externship opportunities — all in the heart of New York City.

Apply now: In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must indicate in their application materials that they learned about the opportunity through the Fulbright Commission. For more information on application deadlines and procedures, please visit the Fordham LL.M. admissions page.”

Bemærk: Fordham Law School vælger legatmodtagerne og man søger direkte igennem universiteterne. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

Loeb Fellowship at Harvard Design School

“Loeb Fellows are accomplished, mid-career professionals who have been engaged in their field for a minimum of five years, have compiled a record of exemplary work, and have been identified as leaders by their peers. Most applicants have expertise in the disciplines in which the Design School grants degrees – architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban design. Others come from related fields such as journalism, fine arts, non-profit administration, and public service. Good candidates typically share a passion for improving the quality of the built and natural environment, and a commitment to improving their own skills in pursuit of that goal. Ideal applicants demonstrate a proven ability to create their own program of work or study and carry it through to completion.

Since the central focus and goal of the Fellowship is to improve the environment of cities and natural areas in the United States, most applicants are from this country. However, it is clear that the program’s goal cannot be accomplished without reference to work being done in other parts of the world. Therefore, the Fellowship welcomes applications from qualified international practitioners. Diversity is a very important consideration for the Fellowship on many levels. Applications are encouraged from men and women, people of color, and those with both typical and atypical career paths.

The Fellowship is intended to serve practitioners, not to be an academic sabbatical. Applications from full-time academics are not encouraged. However, candidates whose work is divided between teaching and practice, and for whom this program will reinforce their work as practitioners, are welcome to apply.

For more information, please go to: www.gsd.harvard.edu/professional/loeb_fellowship

Bemærk: Harvard University vælger legatmodtagerne og man søger direkte igennem universiteterne. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

Nieman Foundation Fellowship to journalists at Harvard University

“A Nieman Fellowship is an extraordinary, transformative learning opportunity open to journalists working in all media in every country around the world. Those selected for the program spend two full semesters at Harvard auditing classes with some of the university’s greatest thinkers, participating in Nieman events and collaborating with peers. Nieman Fellows are also able to audit classes at other local universities including MIT and Tufts.

Each year, the Nieman Foundation awards paid fellowships to up to 24 journalists working in print, broadcast, digital and audiovisual media. Journalists and other professionals working in positions that support journalism, such as the business or technology departments of news companies, are welcome to apply for one of the foundation’s short-term Visiting Fellowships.

During their time at Harvard, Nieman Fellows attend seminars, shop talks, master classes and journalism conferences designed to strengthen their professional skills and leadership capabilities, thereby helping to fortify the news industry itself. With the knowledge they gain on campus and the relationships they build, fellows often return to work as journalism entrepreneurs, industry innovators and top managers in their newsrooms.


  • Applicants must be full-time journalists (including freelancers) with at least five years’ experience. Journalists may work for news or editorial departments of newspapers, wire services, radio, television, websites, online publications or magazines of general public interest. Photojournalists, editorial cartoonists, filmmakers, columnists and broadcast producers are also eligible.
  • For the Nieman-Berkman Fellowship in Journalism Innovation, individuals who work in fields that support journalism — such as the business or technology side of news companies — are also eligible to apply.
  • For the short-term Visiting Fellowship, applicants do not need to be practicing journalists, but must demonstrate in their project proposal how their work will impact journalism.
  • Any journalism-related work completed as a university student does not count toward experience. People who work in public relations or at organizations whose primary business is not the media are not eligible.
  • If appropriate, the applicant’s employer should approve a leave of absence for the academic year (10 months).
  • Within the past two years, an applicant should not have participated in a fellowship or taken a leave of absence from work that lasted four months or longer.

There is no nomination process. Candidates nominate themselves by submitting an application and supplementary materials. There is no age limit. There are no academic prerequisites and a college degree is not required.

For more information, please visit the Nieman Foundation website.”

Bemærk: Harvard University vælger legatmodtagerne og man søger direkte igennem universiteterne. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

Studioophold til danske kunstnere

“The Vermont Studio Center (VSC) is an international creative community committed to offering artists and writers the environment they need to best focus on their work. VSC’s international fellowship fund has brought artists and writers to the Studio Center from 96 countries. Our thirty-building campus offers 60 artists and writers per month the luxury of distraction-free working time and space, as well as the companionship of creative peers and the inspiration of distinguished mentors. The $3,750 fee covers the cost of a month-long residency which includes: housing, 3 meals daily, studio space, readings, slide talks, gallery exhibits and one-on-one conferences with distinguished visiting artist and writers.

To learn more about our fellowships and financial aid offerings and to apply, please visit us at: www.vermontstudiocenter.org.”

Bemærk: Man søger direkte gennem the Vermont Studio Center. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

The Brittingham Viking Organization

“For over 60 years, the Brittingham Viking Organization has provided Scandinavian students with scholarships for studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA and American students from University of Wisconsin-Madison with scholarships to study in Scandinavia. Recipients of the scholarship, the Vikings, have a strong alumni network and BVO scholars of today can be found in top positions in business, education, politics and government in the Nordic countries as well as in the U.S.

For more information about The Brittingham Viking Organization and our scholarship programs: www.brittinghamvikings.org

For yderligere information, kontakt venligst:
bvo.denmark@gmail.com eller
Jakob S. Thyssen +45 29 62 15 45
Louise Lind Ladegaard +45 24 66 03 10

Bemærk: Man søger direkte gennem the Brittingham Viking Organization. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.

The Edith and Arnold N. Bodtker Grant

“The Edith and Arnold N. Bodtker Grant for Research and Internship (henceforth referred to as “Bodtker Grant”) was created in 1998 to provide stipends of up to $5,000 for students interested in studying and researching topics related to Danish immigration to North America and Danish American and Danish Canadian culture. The Bodtker Grant is for research and internship in the Danish American Archive and Library in Blair, Nebraska, the Danish American Archive at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, the Museum of Danish America in Elk Horn, Iowa, or elsewhere in North America. North American students interested in similar, appropriate topics may apply for a Bodtker Grant for research in Denmark.

Applicants must be currently enrolled at or graduated from a university level institution. They must have a designed research or internship project that makes a stay in the USA or Canada (for Danish or North American students) or in Denmark (for North American students) necessary for their research.

Proposals for grant projects, as well as a proposed budget, and least two letter of reference should be submitted by April 15 or September 15 to Egon Bodtker, President, Danish American Heritage Society, 925 15th St. NE, Salem, OR 97301, USA. Results of the competition will be announced by May 20 and October 20.”

Bemærk: Man søger direkte gennem the Danish American Heritage Society. Disse legater administreres altså ikke af Fulbright.